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03 Aug '17

Blind Cease & Desist

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

We are now completely sold out of the Blind Cease & Desist boards - thanks everyone for your support!

Unfortunately there has been a production delay & these are now expected to start shipping out to us on 28th August. We'll start fulfilling orders as soon as the stock arrives! 

13 Jul '17

Dear Andy Episode 4

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

"If they're not on a skateboard, beat 'em up!" - sound advice from Andy Roy in Episode 4 of Dear Andy!


12 Jul '17

Skeleton Key MFG

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

"Skeleton Key Manufacturing, what we are about is not what we’re about. They say Skateboarding is in a strange place right now, well we would not know this, for we are too busy skateboarding" - Darren Navarette

Click the pic for product!

11 Jul '17

Blind Cease & Desist Pre-Order

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

The Blind Cease & Desist Pre-Orders have been slightly delayed & are now expected around the first week of August. For everyone that has already preordered your orders will ship as soon as the stock arrives.

We still have a small amount available for preorder, you can view what's available by clicking the image below...

28 Jun '17

Andy Roy on the Crail Couch!

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Check out Andy Roy on the Crail Couch (with Mike Carroll) now!

"Back what you believe in Motherfuckers!"


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