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24 Feb '21

Leamington Spa Boys Club Ramps

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Below is a view of the second Boys Club mini ramp in Leamington around Autumn of 1989. Before this it was a standard 5ft wooden mini ramp, then they were separated and eventually moved around the corner into a spine & hip complex & a vert ramp was added. I practically lived down here for the 3-4 years the Ramps were there & have some amazing memories of what went down: As well as having some amazing locals (Gaz Tomecek & John Lloyd ripped!) we had regular visits from the likes of Danny Wainwright & Tom Penny, demos included tours from Powell Peralta (Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, etc), Planet Earth/Life (Chris Miller, Sean Sheffey), Zorlac (Steve Schneer, Craig Johnson), as well as a couple amazing all day competitions....

Also check this pic of Tony Hawk skating the spine on a Bones Brigade tour in around '91...

...Tom Penny blasting the spine a year or so later!

...& this amazing video uploaded by our mate Trawler from the second comp back in '91!



24 Feb '21

OG Leamington footage

Posted by Mark Taylor

Our mate Trawler recently uploaded footage from one of the Leamington Spa Boys Club Vert comps from back in 1991!

Check the footage below featuring Sean Goff, Jim the Skin, Jocke Olsen, Neil Danns, Davie Phillip, Gary Lee & more! Get some!


27 Jan '21

OG Logo Tees

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

We've found a bunch of our OG Logo Tees in Safety Green. These are available to ship immediately & can be found over at our Ripchord Store. Click the image below for access!


23 Jan '21


Posted by Ripride Skateshop
We’ve set up a temporary store front to handle our ‘Ripchord’ DIY fundraiser tees!
These are not Dischord Records official but Ian MacKaye has approved a small run of 50 split across all 4 items, so these are super limited! (Not 50 of each!) Russ from Mersey Grit Skateboard Inc is printing & all pre-sales ship the week beginning 8/2! Click the pic below to access & shop!
Thank you for your support!
11 Nov '20

New News!

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Welcome to our new website!

We're still working on a few things but we look to be going fully live for Spring of 2021, followed by the launch of our new physical space shortly after.

Hopefully you are all staying safe out there - we look forward to catching up soon!

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