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01 Jul '22

Fresh Death

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Yep, we just got a top up of some brand new Death boards!

L-R we have the Zarosh Heart - each board is completely custom, no one alike & is hand screened by Zarsoh himself - the Charlie Spelzini Death from Above Pro Board on the 9" Pool Shape & the Watch TV 8.5" pop!

All are shipped free within the UK with Jessup grip & select shop stickers! Get Some!

22 Jun '22

Summer Antihero Drop 1

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Antihero's Summer drop has started to arrive! Yesterday saw the Rude Bwoys mini series - today we have a restock of the Grosso Scorch the Earth boards in both 8.75" & 9.25" Driller Killer, a whole bunch of Shaped Eagles & if that isn't enough we have the Grimple Peter Hewitt 8.85" On Vacation boards too!


All these boards come with FREE Jessup Grip, are posted FREE within the UK & we'll throw in a bunch of our shop stickers, including a couple of the ones Julien Stranger designed! You know what you need to do!

21 Jun '22

Rude Bwoys!

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

...are in stock now! Click the image for product details & GET SOME!

16 Jun '22

The Heated Wheel...

Posted by Ripride Skateshop

Polarizers, Pops, Tees, Hats & Stickers are back in stock now! This is our last restock before the Summer '22 drop arrives in a month or two... GET SOME!


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